Comparison of Anti-aging Strategies

Erase Cosmetics has developed a premium line of Enhanced Skincare Products because we saw the many different ways people were trying to reduce wrinkles, fine lines and improve their skin’s appearance – but we weren’t impressed with the results.

We have worked hard to build a brand that delivers results efficiently, improved the skin’s appearance dramatically, without the impractical costs and risks.


Over the Counter Cosmetics

This is a classic case of you get what you pay for. Sure paying for a premium brand may be more expensive, but you’ll quickly realize that on a long-term basis they’re definitely worthwhile. If you’ve invested in over-the-counter cosmetics before, more likely, you might have realized that after a month, there wasn't a significant difference to your skin’s appearance at all.

When buying a premium product think about the quality of the ingredients you’re applying on your skin whereas over-the-counter products contain fewer quality ingredients. Your skin is semi-permeable, which means it is able to absorb specific active ingredients from the topical creams you lather onto it. When you apply a premium product you’re enhancing your skin by providing it with powerful natural ingredients. However, most over-the-counter products have been proven to be quite damaging to the skin and may have negative long-term effects.

Many also don’t have any, or very few, anti-aging ingredients in them to even combat what you’re trying to fix in the first place. Department stores sell over the counter products with the “promise” for long-term results. Essentially, they get you by having you keep coming back to order more and more products while you never see maximum results


That is typically the result from having a botox procedure go wrong or just a case of a bit too much of it. Botox works by paralyzing the muscles with botulism toxin, which essentially only prevents a person from squinting by relaxing the wrinkles around their eyes and brows. While injection costs may vary, the cost can be anywhere between $50-$600… every four months.

Is it worth it? The first month you may love the results but as you keep having botox procedures you’ll begin to realize that you don’t look like you anymore and not in a good way. 

Erase Cosmetics has created the latest innovation in Cosmeceuticals- 3 Minute Instant Face Lift Serum to give you the immediate results that Botox provides. Our premium anti-aging cream will you help you look younger without paralyzing your facial muscles.

Within 3 minutes, you will see noticeable results. On a long term basis, you'll notice that your skin has actually physically improved.

Sculptra, Restlane, Perlane, and other fillers

While these methods may work, it is highly dependent on the physician’s talent. This means that the results vary drastically. Only one or two specific problem areas are addressed but the cost can be so high and results so short term, it may not be worthwhile. 

When using a product like Erase Cosmetics 3 Minute Instant Facelift Serum, you can improve the appearance of not only your entire face but also your neck's. The "instant lift" face serum has been proven to visibly erase wrinkles and lines rather than just filling them. When comparing prices, our product is more cost-effective and the results are consistent and noticeable.

Chemical or Laser Skin Resurfacing

This type of procedure can be pricy and painful to help combat wrinkles. With results varying from good to no difference at all, we’re not sure why people choose this type of method to improve their skin. Erase Enhanced Skincare Products can help you eliminate those wrinkles and fine lines without causing you physical or financial pain.

"Thermage" or "Thermacool Procedure

This procedure works by using radio waves to burn your skin’s surface by destroying the collagen so much that new collagen is formed. This painful procedure costs roughly $2500.00 and has a harsh impact on your skin like a trauma would. The goal in reducing wrinkles is to enhance your skin’s appearance by providing it with the ingredients it needs to revitalize it instead of destroying it. 

Erase Enhanced Skincare Products are safe to use, won’t damage your skin, aren’t painful and they yield comparable if not better results.

Brow Lift

People use this method to improve their sagging eyebrows. The cost of having a surgeon perform this procedure is roughly $5000. This invasive procedure involves cutting the skin at the hairline and lifting it off the skull to put it back into a proper position. With all surgeries, results aren’t guaranteed and you may potentially look worse than you did before. Taking a risk for a hefty price tag with results that may have you refusing to look in the mirror ever again is something you need to seriously consider. 

With our 3 Minute Instant Facelift Serum, you’re guaranteed positive results or we’ll give you a refund. Watch our videos to see our customers dramatic transformations

Mid-Face & Neck Lift

With the same impact as the results from above, this procedure targets deep nasolabial folds and the sagging of the cheekbone region. An invasive procedure takes a long time to recover from and with results that aren’t guaranteed this may not be best for everyone. Interested in fast, guaranteed and positive results?


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