Become a Distributor

Your business starts here

If you are happy, contented and generally satisfied with your life -this isn't for you.

If you are the person who is on the phone, cleaning your nails or generally looking bored when a customer approaches you -then read no further we don't want you.

If you are easily defeated, give up at the first little knockback, guess what!!! - You are not the person we are looking for.

So who do we want?

I could come out with the same old cliches - Motivated, Self-Starter, Go-Getter, Confident, etc. but guess what, that isn't it either -We are not selling door to door.

We are looking for people to become licensed distributors for Erase Cosmetics. To do so you will need a desire to start and run your own business -that is what it is, a business.

You will need:

Some capital to get started.
Some sales experience
To be professional A knowledge of cosmetics (an asset but not essential)
To be honest
To be organisedIf you have those attributes then we would like to offer you an opportunity to represent Erase Cosmetics as a Licensed Distributor.
It will mean that you have to work to build your own business.

It can be part time or full time, that is your call. Of course we don't just throw you out there, we provide you with the basics to establish your business.

We will:

Sign a formal contract with you to spell out the obligations of both parties.
Provide you with a domain name (unless you already have one) and a fully functional website.
Work with you on your requirements for your market.
Provide backup with sales materials.
Assist you with any graphics you may need.
Ensure your margins are more than adequate to allow you to operate your business successfully.
Allocate you a specific territory that is dependent on your level of commitment.
You may apply for a Town, City, State, Region or even Country depending on your level of commitment and budget.

If you see this as an opportunity you would like to explore we would like the opportunity to get to know a little about you so your first step is send email to

We will be back to you within 24 hours. Please state your preferred method of communication and in the field provided feel free to ask anything you wish to know.

Thank you for your time and we look forward to a prosperous future with you.