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A high-end cosmetics brand for facial and under eye wrinkle treatment that helps woman regain their youthful and vibrant glow.

About Erase Cosmetics

Erase Cosmetics is a high-end cosmetics brand specialising in forehead and under eye wrinkles to help you regain a youthful vibrant glow. Our non-surgical facelift cream and anti-aging products have been specifically formulated to help smooth the signs of aging without damaging the skin. Botox, fillers and chemical or laser skin resurfacing and other invasive techniques can be expensive and you can never be certain of the outcome.

We use the best anti-aging ingredients when formulating our products that help make you look but more importantly feel the benefits of a youthful looking skin. Our products have helped our customers increase their confidence. We have a wide selection of products to suit your individual anti-aging needs. Our non-surgical 3 Minute Instant Face-Lift Cream has been proven to smooth away wrinkles in just three minutes! In addition, we have added a wrinkle smoothing BB foundation cream and our Skin Perfector to provide the perfect moisturizing base to enhance our skin tightening treatment regime.

Benefits of Erase Cosmetics

- Almost instantaneous dramatic results
- Improvement of skin's texture
- Smoother skin
- Tightened skin
- Products continually evolve with the new advances in research.
- Natural and premium ingredients
- New found glow
- Cost-effective products
- Higher confidence

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We Guarantee

We believe that once you try any product from the Erase Cosmetics line you will never want to try another product again. 
Our customers keep coming back because we provide a premium product.

All we ask is that you try the product for yourself, risk-free! We have a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee so if after thirty days you don't see a difference in your skin's look and feel we will provide a full refund. We are confident that you will love Erase Cosmetics products

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